Strategic Enrollment Planning Tool

Strategic Enrollment Planning Tool

This project creates interactive enrollment and admissions reports that allow users to drill down to school, department, plan code, and course levels, providing data to support decisions and implement strategies during each stage of a student's journey through IU: prospect, admitted, enrolled, graduate, alumni, and donor.

Data subject areas include academic preparation, admissions applications, curriculum, degrees, enrollment, financial aid and profile, grades, retention, student biographical demographics, and student surveys.  

Goals & outcomes

Examples of questions to be answered by this project:

  • What is the projected number of students and how will this affect budgeting decisions in schools? 
  • How should we allocate resources in admissions and retention offices to better attract and retain students?
  • What is the optimal number of class sections, and do we need to cancel unnecessary sections?
  • How many students may qualify for and need institutional aid?   

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