Data Security

Making sure your data is safe

While DSI is working to make data useful and shareable, security is a top priority. It's important that data, dashboards, and visualizations are accessed and shared only by those for whom they are intended. To that end, DSI has several safeguards in place.

Committee of Data Stewards

The guardians of IU's data

The Committee of Data Stewards establishes policies, procedures, and guidelines for management of institutional data across Indiana University. Individually, each of the data stewards has management and policy-making responsibilities for specific data subject areas, as part of the virtual institutional database.

For more information, visit Data Management at IU.

Role-based access control

Controlling access

DSI uses role-based access control (RBAC) — a more efficient way to control access to sensitive data and systems. It provides a central way to identify everything an employee has access to, and revoke or modify all access immediately should their employment status change. It also eliminates the need for the employee to figure out what they need access to. In one blanket request, employees can be granted permissions to everything they should be able to access based upon their role(s) within the institution.