IU has more than 20,000 classes that meet at some point in the semester. Each of those classes needs a place to meet. Sorting out which classes can fit comfortably in which rooms can be quite the conundrum. Academic Metrics 360 Class Scheduling dashboards can help.

Designed to help schedulers create more efficient course schedules, the Class Scheduling dashboards provide information that helps optimize limited resources, like classrooms and professors, while reducing conflicts in student schedules. Each dashboard is highly customizable to make it easy to drill down quickly. The three dashboards include:

  1. Standard Meeting Pattern Summary and Detail Dashboard: Helps users review classes that adhere to campus standard meeting and prime time policies, and answers questions like:
    • What number or percentage of classes adhere to standard meeting times?
    • How many courses are scheduled in prime time?
    • How are courses scheduled in Registrar-controlled rooms versus department-controlled rooms?
  2. Class Meeting Time Distribution, Characteristics and Detail Dashboard: Helps users review metrics about classes that start during a specific hour of the day, time segment (such as morning or afternoon), or day of week, and answers questions like:
    • What times of day and days of week do we offer the most classes?
    • How are rooms being used throughout the week?
    • When do we have a high number of students on campus?
  3. Single Day Classes Dashboard: Helps users match classes that meet a part of a standard meeting pattern so that a full pattern can be created, and answers questions like:
    • Which class meetings are complementary and could be paired together to meet standard meeting pattern requirements?

These tools help answer all these questions and so much more. Check it out and see what you can learn.

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