Tools we use

Tools for making better decisions

The rise in data discovery tools like Tableau, TIBCO Spotfire, Qlikview, and others has enabled non-technical users to easily create interactive reports and explore data from multiple sources. DSI uses Tableau as a data discovery tool and provides trusted data sources that can be used to capitalize on the power of this tool.

Most traditional data warehouse and reporting environments are centered on batch data movement, which results in long release cycles and outage windows.  Data virtualization is different. It allows for the creation of virtual integrated views of data from multiple data sources.  While it's not the best choice for every case, it can speed up data integration, provide opportunities for reuse, and contain sprawl across dispersed data sources.  DSI uses Denodo data virtualization as the central point of access for data analytics needs.

Denodo is a data virtualization and integration platform that delivers abstracted and integrated information in real time from disparate sources to multiple applications and users. It is easy to build, easy to consume, and easy to maintain.

Tableau connects easily to any data source and enables users to create interactive visualizations, like dashboards, charts, and graphs. It blends data integration with in-memory storage and provides in-memory analytics for better analysis. 

Data Cookbook is a cloud-based, higher education-focused data governance tool. When fully implemented, it provides centralized, accessible, searchable, and transparent report and data information.

DS.IU uses the One.IU framework and provides a central location for accessing reports and dashboards. Simply search, click, and launch. Reports can also be badged, rated, and grouped into Report Centers.