Using Tableau

Accessing Data and Data Assistance

Getting access to the dashboard data to make your own reports is easier than you’d think. First, click on what you want to download in the dashboard, then click on the “download” button in the toolbar followed by “data.” All of the data will pop up that you selected. To download it, select “download all rows as a text file.”

Need an image of the dashboard for a report? The “download” button in the toolbar makes that simple. Using “download” you can download a simple .png of the current view you have up by clicking “image.” Clicking “PDF” gives you the option to download a PDF of the current view or even specific visualizations in the dashboard.

Some visualizations in the dashboards have more data you can view than you’d think. Look for directions displayed in red text on the dashboards that say, for example, “click -/+ to expand or collapse columns.” Clicking on “+” allows you to drill down further into the data by showing you more information in the table, while “-“ shrinks the amount of information available in the tables.

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