Key decision makers are often dealing with too much data, in too many formats, in too many places to be useful. They might not even know where to find all of the data they need or if that data even exists. The Decision Support Initiative (“DSI”) was established in 2015 to address this problem. The ongoing goal of DSI is to improve decision making at all levels of the institution, by dramatically enhancing availability of timely, relevant, accurate information through improved data, models, processes and interactions. DSI’s efforts support many strategic initiatives at Indiana University through data-centered products that include dashboards and visualizations, report centers and self-service information systems.

One of the most significant DSI charters thus far is The Academic Metrics 360 (“AM360”) project. AM360 was created to provide a ‘360 degree’ view of academic unit activities. Its deliverables include

  • Providing leadership with the ability to measure, compare and analyze trends regarding the health of academic Responsibility Centers and subordinate units over time
  • Highlighting the interrelationships among financial/personnel/enrollment/student key strategic management metrics based on integrated institutional datasets
  • Establishing a common baseline for improved collaborative conversations among academic personnel at all levels (campus, school and department)
  • Reducing the amount of redundant manual work across units, allowing for improved focus on strategic analysis and key decision-making

AM360 content is designed to address key business questions for academic unit decision makers by combining data from many different systems and providing current-state, integrated data to better inform time-sensitive planning and operating decisions throughout the academic year. Its content now includes data for all IU campuses.

AM 360 Report Center