When it’s time to plan for the future of your organization, educated guesses aren’t the greatest tools in your toolbox. While no one has all the answers, we do have something that will help get you closer to your future truth. The Strategic Planning Metrics dashboard gives administrators a good understanding of a school’s performance in balancing hiring demands with income and expenses over time. Currently available only to the Bloomington campus, IUPUI and regional campuses will be included in the future.

With the Strategic Planning Metrics dashboard, you can learn things like this:

  • How has your school been managing its staff levels the past five years compared with other schools?
  • What level of staff can you afford to hire given where you are trending from an income standpoint?
  • As a person responsible for staffing classes, should I continue to hire tenured and tenure-track faculty, given that our instructional income has been stagnant the past two years, or should I hire different staff levels? How many academic professionals can we afford to hire with waning demand?
  • Should we hire additional staff given the instructional income we’ve had over the course of the past five years? How do our sponsored research expenses associated with tenured and tenure-track faculty compare with other schools over time? How does that compare with my instructional income per employee at each of the schools?
  • What are my school’s campus assessments, and how are they broken down by tenured and tenure-track faculty versus other appointed professionals?

Visit ds.iu.edu and check it out!

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