Get ready access to Academic Metric 360’s (AM360) most-used suite of reports with the AM360 Gateway Workbook. Designed to give administrators a high-level view of the metrics that matter most to the university’s academic performance, AM360’s Gateway Workbook focuses on seven key performance indicators:

  1. Student credit hours over five academic years, to help ascertain future instructor needs
  2. Student majors over five academic years, to highlight where student choices are shifting over time
  3. Sections taught over five fiscal years, to help administrators relate sections taught to FTE faculty, credit hours, courses, and class components
  4. Major vs. non-major over five academic years, to help identify high-demand courses that could draw outside enrollments
  5. Faculty FTE, which shows historical and projected trends in tenured and tenure-track faculty vs. all other faculty
  6. Revenue and expense over five fiscal years, across all operating fund groups
  7. Waitlist summary over five academic years, to show waitlist trends over time by responsibility center, department, course, and class
Above: view of dashboard from AM360 Gateway Workbook

Anyone with an IU CAS login can visit the workbook, and you can always drill down further for more information. Check it out!

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